About Us

Both Hands: The Artlet was established by Bentrice Jusu from her personal experience and belief in the arts to transform lives of teens in Trenton, NJ. It serves as a stable center/source of Art, mentorship and positivity for teens in Trenton. Our organization embraces and caters to all teens, regardless of their personal backgrounds (“delinquents” to high-achieving scholars) or experiences with art (no experience to advanced). Because we believe that everyone bears an “art,” we ironically dismantle the traditional definition and associations of “art” as an objective, aesthetic realm and allow every teen to discover their abilities, to use the available tools of expression and learn from their peers and mentors, to discover their hidden or unexpressed potential. Beyond the age and residential restrictions, the only set of requirements for participation include the willingness to fully engage in the program and to keep an open and positive attitude. The emphasis for this program is on personal growth, exploration, self-expression, fun, and creativity. Ultimately, we expect that participation in these activities will not only benefit students in the short run, but will open up multiple avenues through which students will pursue their education and futures, through high school and beyond

.Summer Program

Young Artist Ensemble Directive

         We are the Young Artists of Both Hands. We have accepted the roles of change makers, artisans, and leaders of our community. We vow to use art as a positive outlet regardless of the situations with which we are faced. We recognize that the camera, the music, the movement, the pencil and pen are all mightier than the knife—so we write. With Both Hands, we create even when it hurts. We produce even when it’s uncomfortable because our mission is to save our audience and provide an experience that shifts their paradigm. We will be the mirrors to society that reflects back every beautiful thing that’s within it. We can and only do that through pursing truth, exercising courage, and becoming selfless. We are an ensemble of artists, so together, we construct…