“Art has been my therapist since I was four-years-old, especially as I mastered the art of mask-making. Where I live, especially in my home, you have to mask your issues, crying alone and dealing with your emotions another time in order to not seem weak or because there are bigger issues to worry about. Now that I have been able to “escape” the burden of those restraining sources, I will stop at nothing to create a habitat of tranquility in communities like Trenton where expression is suffocated. Our youth, like me, need an outlet through which they can release internal turmoil. With art, there are no parameters. My career plan started at age four, when I fell in love with the Arts with a paintbrush in my living room. I have a resilient will to pay this passion forward, to provide the youth of Trenton with a chance to explore unwarranted areas and pull out exuberant discoveries. Paintbrush in hand, I will move to paint my community with vibrancy and a new joie de vivre for every soul in Trenton by providing what I love most for whom I am most passionate: the youth.”

Bentrice Jusu

Founder, Executive Director Both Hands: The Artlet

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