Thank you for your interest in Donating!

For the last couple of years, Both Hands have attained considerable contributions from The Chambers and Hobbs Fund and the Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship Center of Wake Forest University, grants from The National Endowment of Art, The City of Trenton, The IamTrenton Grant, The National Grid, The College of New Jersey, and a considerable amount of other contributors and partners.

Additionally, leaders and business professionals such as Daniela Kaiseth the Vice President of Strategic Development at the Institute of International Education, Attorney Cheryl Ojeda, and Dr. Dave Carbone have donated invaluable materials and supplies, advice, consultation, and time to Both Hands. As we stand, we are a growing organization and need significant help to provide substantial services for the underserved teens of Trenton, New Jersey.

Currently, we have sought to develop finer community and economic development initiative by becoming a sister organization (an official partner of) 11- years old Non-profit, S.A.G.E COALITION Incorporated in these efforts.


Funding the Arts have classically been an issue in underserved communities where our ethnographical and field research have proven vital to the betterment of adolescents. Your donation helps to provide the programing on this site, as well more innovative art initiatives that  steadily decrease the crime and drop out rate, all the while increase teen self esteem and artistic literacy and retention, which studies have shown correlates with teen performance during and after high school.

We hope that you have been influenced by what you have seen on the site, and is as equally hopeful that with your help, we are creating the foundation that will save Trenton and Inner cities alike.


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