Student Application

Dear Young Inquiring Artist,

We are so pumped that you are interested in Both Hands. There are tons in store for you.

We want to let you know that we are looking forward to working with you, introducing you to all kinds of art, and watching you develop yourself and the community with it. If you were wondering, our program caters to your level of curiosity and ability. We do our absolute best to hone your interest into practice, and then eventually into skills that you can use for the rest of your life!

If that sounds good, I have even better news for you. You have actually completed the hardest part of the application which was simply coming to the site! You are 77% finished with the application process and there are just a few things that you have left to do to join the Both Hands team:

  • Click HERE to complete the application
  • Hit SUBMIT at the end of the application
  • Wait for a Both Hands Representative to Get back to you (which will be done quickly)

And that’s it. Yes that’s really all it is to it.

Again, we are looking forward to working with you and welcome you to the Dynamic world of the ARTS!!

Bentrice Jusu,
Executive Director, Artist

Click HERE to Apply NOW!