Visual Arts

Visual Arts Collage

During the Visual Arts course, the young artists learn that Visual Arts is not just “knowing how to draw,” but rather, the importance of images and what it represents. The teens explore color theory, concepts of space, and construct projects such as Mosaic Mural that incorporates each of their artworks and represented what a community looks like. 

The Process

The mural assemblage –  also known as “The Lights Inside the Box” became a fluxus work of art by the students;  meaning the process of creation determined what the completed project looked like.  Additionally other strands were incorporated into the materials used therefore allowing the concepts discussed in the other classes to influence the overall thinking.  During open forum discussions with students, the instructors were able to make important connections between the various disciplines the students were working with.  This allowed the students to create work that  related to those discussions and therefore the process of creation had more meaning and relevance to overall objectives that were set forth in Both Hands’ Summer Institute.

“The Lights Inside the Box” became the metaphor for Trenton.  Students were asked to question aspects of his and her self-identity:

  • Where do I live?
  • Where do I come from?
  • What is the essence of community and why is it important to our culture?
  • What is true beauty, who and what defines beauty?
  • How does color relate to emotions and feelings?
  • What colors would you use to convey a particular emotion or feeling?