Voices of A Trentontian Summer

In Summer of 2014, Both Hands partnered with The College of New Jersey, Trenton Works Site to provide a Summer Film Intensive Program. The purpose of the program was to develop a finer understanding of filmmaking as an art form, but also for the Young Artists to discover and explore new and unconventional sources, (as opposed to the education they’re use to receiving), of articulating their issues, passions, and/or perspective. The Summer Intensive Film Program lasted 9 weeks and was Bentrice Jusu instructed the course with Help from Bonner Scholar, Niesha Leonard and teacher Donna Ranskin. Additionally, we had Jascynt Tulloch & Unique Crawford, two Both Hands Alum and artists, come back to share their expertise.  

Worst Advice

Shana Langley is a 17 year who lives in Trenton, NJ. She goes to Trenton High School West.  Shana is interested in journalism, film, and the arts and plans to go to college after graduation.  Although unsure of which career path she will take, Shana knows that she wants to raise awareness of social issues in her community.

Worst Advice  was inspired by a poem that I wrote. It was a poem in which I was venting and coming to terms with things that I didn’t like to think about but affected me nonetheless.  After finishing it and performing it for the first time, I realized that other girls and women probably feel the same way that I do. That’s when I decided that I had a responsibility to make this film.”

WAToo many Black girls and other girls of color roam the world never knowing that they are beautiful. We are supposed to have a “fat ass, light skin, and ‘good’ hair”, all wrapped into a perfect box. But there are a few…the brave, that have escaped from that box to emerge as bold, beautiful soldiers ready to battle insecurities and the ideas that cause them. 



A Deadly Dream 

Chiamaka Iloka is a first generation Nigerian who has a passion for dance and the arts. She has been a dedicated participant of Both Hands for the last year.

ADD_woDate-01In the model world, you don’t always need to have the perfect face but the perfect body. A young girl whose dreams since childhood ends tragically when she made one stupid decision. She was so tired of feeling like she wasn’t pretty or skinny enough. She was never comfortable with her weight; for that reason she never gets booked. She takes a risky action in order for her to be a certain weight, a “model’s weight.” The risky action doesn’t only end her dreams but her life as well. It’s not easy to be a model…



Can You listen?

Keeosha Harris is a rising senior at Trenton Central High School. She has participated in Both Hands for 3 years and have gotten recognized adn awarded for her arts.   

CYL_Poster-01I have listened  to so many devastating stories of how people expressed who they were and they were rejected by loved ones.This film goes into the  minds of two people that were rejected by their parents and felt they had nothing in the world but found the energy to be who they are with the belief things will get better…




So, How Do I Look?

Tyler Williams is a phenomenal artist. He has continually devoted his life to art and has made many sacrifices to simply express in any form of art that he can get his hands on. Tyler has participated in numerous events pertaining to art such as, high school theater stage design, art shows, and many more. Tyler continues to develop himself as an artist day by day and it shows through his visions. He is so devoted to his talents that he applied to several art secondary educational programs and universities and gotten in them as well. In the fall of 2014 Tyler will be attending school for illustration to receive feature knowledge about his art.

The [Young Artists] of Both hands were asked to make a film based on a passion, pain, or point of view. I chose passion with a slight side of pain to convey my concept slightly more.  My film was named “So, How Do I Look?” and it was based on my passion of modeling and a slight pain of self acceptance.

So, HowdoIlookyIn this film there is a boy bring to his mother’s attention that he wants to model. Constantly waiting for her approval and assuming the worst from her, he starts to have odd visions of her disapproval. Makes things even worst along with these visions, he thinks people can see his sexual insecurities. In the end he finds self acceptance in his sexuality and that makes him  more comfortable in front of the camera. 


Wake Up

Cya’n Williams is a up and coming artist from Trenton New Jersey. With the passions of film making, writing, and the preforming arts she is attending college to full fill her dreams of one day becoming a successful play write and future movie director. With a short film under her belt; her mission is to not only entertain but to create thought provoking and sometimes controversial material through and artistic approach. 


The purpose of my film was to shed light on the injustice of police brutality, and community responsibility. When people in our lives pass away sometimes we feel as nothing can be done to help us cope with their deaths, especially if their death was a result of violence by that hands of those who were hired to protect. See something say something, If you want a change be it.


Altering Vision

Rondeja Patman is rising freshman at Mercer County Community College. She has participated in Both Hands for a little over a year.  

Altering Visions was created  to…

Coming Soon…

AVRevised-01In this short film, Jade shows Quran that there is more to the city in which they were born and raised, Trenton, NJ. Quran sees the “savages”, “thots”, deaths and drugs. Jade sees an entirely different thing when she passes places as beautiful as the Gandhi Garden to their State Capitol Plaza. She’s hoping that after showing him the beauty that is often overlooked, Quran will reflect on his negative outlook of the city.