Workshop Hosting


In addition to our regular courses, we have several outside artist come and engage the teens with their personal art practices.

    • Contemporary Art: During these sessions, the young artist investigate contemporary and public art all around the world. They dialogue about the importance of public art pieces and gained a stronger understanding of artist statements.
    • Business: For a small segment of the summer, the Young Artists discuss art and business and merging the two. The truth is, though everyone can benefit from the arts, most people will not find practical practices in the Art world, so in this session we explore case studies, business prospects, college, and more with the Young Artist.
    • Fashion: Every Friday the teens explore the frugality of “thrifting” and as we called it, “Fashion Reconstruction.” The Young Artists recreate and remodel old and used clothes into something they proudly wear in and out of school and Both Hands.
    • Music: During these “drum explosions,” the Young Artists converse with Ernesto who is a graduate of Trenton High, pursing his passion and gift for music and now tours the world playing the bongos, congas, timbales and many more instruments. The Young Artists experiment with sound and movements with the drums and in our “sound circles.”
    • Poetry: The Young Artist get introduced to a poets outside of the weekly sessions whose life was changed through poerty. During this session, the Teens discuss poetic techniques and tools that could help strengthen their pieces.
    • Yoga: This workshop was an additive to the dynamic of dance and bodily movements. Teens not only practice Yoga techniques, but also are exposed to the power behind meditative movements and how some innovators used yoga as powerful dance moves!

Although most of these are directly correlated to conventional art practice, others are not typically considered art but are equally useful and pertinent to character and artistic development.  These just a few of the many possibilities!  If you would like to host a workshop, please fill in the following information:

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